No Such Thing as a ‘Small Fish’

"we have the same shoes, the same hats, but they're all at different stages of wear. We've walked the same path, weathered the same storms, but never the stepped the same steps or got soaked in the same downpour. So much the same, yet not at all comparable."

The Anticipation of Spring- is it here yet?!

Its been a crazy few months around here. Oh wait, its always a crazy month! These past few have been a little extra busy with a new addition to our family - Miss Maisree -  a Silver Lab puppy who has kept us hopping with her seemingly endless energy! When she isn't bouncing off the walls, … Continue reading The Anticipation of Spring- is it here yet?!

Blog #6 – Mental Health on the Farm. My top 3 stresses. #BellLetsTalk

Today is #BellLetsTalk Day across the country. Last year, I shared my personal story with a quick Instagram post and a tweet showing a picture of the two small pills I take every day to help me cope with symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. One low dose antidepressant and some Vitamin D. Photo shared last January during #BellLetsTalk Day. … Continue reading Blog #6 – Mental Health on the Farm. My top 3 stresses. #BellLetsTalk

Blog 5: In Winter, Enjoy.

Winter brings a lot of work, but at the same time, it is a different pace than during the summer. It isn't a urgent, the timelines are not as important. What doesn't get done today will get done tomorrow, or perhaps next week. It offers a break from the stress of growing crops and although the weather still plays a part in what gets done in the run of a day, it doesn't have the impact it does in the summer.

Blog 3: How 4H Has Helped Bring My Son Out From Under the Umbrella of Anxiety

"While 4H isn't the only answer to helping him cope with anxiety, it has done a lot to help him understand it. To work through that feeling of unease, and come out the other side and realize that the anxiety he was feeling was more like exciting butterflies and not the crippling feeling that would previously shut him down. Its a program that allows him to work through his projects at his own pace, and not be required to keep up with the pack. Its only as demanding as he makes it to be."