Blog #1 – The First is the Worst….right?

As I sit down to write my first ever Blog (yikes!), its going to be a quick one until I figure out this blogging business, but I hope you’ll stick with me. Its almost 10am and its a dark rainy day. We should be gearing up for a day of combining soybeans but we’re dispersed between the house and the shop puttering away at various things that have taken a back seat to harvest. Even with the rain there is never much down time around here!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Amy and I live in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, which at this time of year is breathtakingly beautiful! My husband and I have 3 boys, ages 4-10 and we farm poultry, forage and crops with his parents. We also have a small cow/calf herd of our own. I always say everyone needs a hobby – ours is just more farming…

And speaking of farming….it has been a year to remember.

It seems like the whole farming season has been a delicate dance with Mother Nature. Between a super late spring frost that devastated many local farmers, and then random showers during hay season and grain harvest, followed by a super early frost and now a wet fall for soybeans. While we’re lucky to have avoided frost damage we really feel for those that are dealing with the effects of a poor harvest as a result. We’re also keeping all of the farmers out west who are dealing with “snowtober” in our thoughts. That is such a hard thing for us to imagine and we wish you all the best getting your crop up.

While we are winding down from the craziness of summer, our business level is still fairly insane. Between the ongoing battle with the weather, we are also in the process of building a new barn. Its not a rush job but we are hoping to get it enclosed before the weather makes it miserable to work outside. Plus the kids have been busy with school, homework and 4H. Its a busy life but we’re thankful for it. Everyone is occupied with something we all enjoy and that makes the work it takes to run this ship a little easier.

I’m going to wrap up now with a little explanation of what to expect from my blog, I told you it would be a quick one!

I decided to start writing a blog as I’ve received so much positive feedback regarding my social media posts, especially those that have to do with how we farm as a family and how active our children are on the farm and also because I’ve always been a creative person with a love for writing stories, and now those stories have taken shape into my real life. While the kids are now in school/part-time daycare they are still involved in the everyday activities of the farm. They’re stuck in machinery with us, in hot chicken barns in the middle of summer, checking barns, furnaces, and livestock during winter storms and everything in between. While its often times challenging to juggle the 3 of them and get everything done in the run of a day, we wouldn’t change a single thing. We believe that having them learn life lessons first hand with the cycles of life on a farm, and seeing the hard work and determination it all takes, they will take those lessons and carry them into whatever they choose to do as they get older. At this point of course they all want to be farmers, but we want them to find their own passion in life and follow that before deciding what their calling in life is. If that includes farming, we’ll be more than happy to pass along that legacy!

Stay tuned for a new post up soon.


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